Emporis is committed to the overall aim of achieving customer satisfaction by supplying high quality auto component.

The company addresses this aim by pursuing the following objectives:

  • To understand and satisfy our customers’ requirements through communication and skill to achieve the ultimate aim of zero defects.
  • To continually improve the process wherever possible, and develop the expertise and skill of our employees via training.
  • To work with suppliers who are able to consistently satisfy our requirements.

The principal means of achieving these objectives is though a quality management system. Every product of Emporis spells quality. With a penchant for perfection, the company in all its operations and processes adheres to ‘precision engineering’. From the materials & resources used, to the standards of the end products, the yardstick by which the company’s competency is judged is Quality.

Quality is the responsibility of every employee, observance of the requirements of the quality management system is mandatory on all levels.

The key aspects of company’s environmental policy are:

  • Emporis is and will always remain an environmentally responsible company.
  • The company shall never harm Nature and in fact would make every possible effort to conserve natural resources.
  • The company will always participate in initiatives and efforts to improve the environmental protection.
  • The company shall never make use of material, machinery or equipment that will increase air pollution OR harm the nature.

Emporis is a socially committed corporate citizen. The company possesses a compassionate viewpoint towards the social issues and the under privileged class of the society. We at Emporis undertake many CSR initiatives for the empowerment of the weaker sections and for the conservation of nature also. Company’s initiative to set up solar lighting system at ‘Pranavteertha’, an old-age home and rehabilitation centre near Saswad, Pune, exemplifies the same.

EMPORIS offers warranty service for all our different mix of products. Below is a description of the services offered for the various product groups:

EMPORIS products carry a full warranty for the period specified. Some EMPORIS products carry different warranty periods due to the nature of the product's design, manufacture or expected use, the warranty applies from the date of purchase by the first customer.

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